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Luvanto Design

Solid Maple

Luvanto Design Solid Maple

The Solid Maple flooring looks great in any room! The light and dark tones ensure light can reflect and make it come to life rather than dark and dingy. Incorporate neutral and light furniture to the room and your Luvanto flooring can certainly come to life.

Please make an enquiry if you would like further information. If you would like to see our colours in your room, choose up to 5 samples free of charge including free postage.

Disclaimer - Device settings (tone/resolution) can determine colour visibility/ shade we advise samples for true effect.


* Calculations include 5% wastage
Characteristics Test Method Result
Warranty Lifetime Domestic, 20 Years Commercial
Level of use EN685 Domestic 23, Commercial 34
Total thickness EN428 6mm (inc. 1mm IXPE acoustic underlay)
Wear Layer EN429 0.7mm
Total weight EN430 10180g/m²
Dimensions (planks) EN427 152mm x 914mm
Pack Coverage 3.34m²
Pieces Per Pack 24
Squareness and Straightness EN427 ≤0.08mm / ≤0.10mm
Surface Treatment PU
Flammability EN13501 – 1:2007 + A1: 2009 Bfl – S1
Abrasion Resistance EN660-2 Wear Group T
Water Resistant 100%
Walking static electricity resistance EN 1815 Pass
Slip Resistance DIN51130 R10
Pendulum Test BS7976-2:2002 Dry 62 (Low)
Wet 50 (Low)
Stain Resistance EN423 Pass
Chemical resistance EN423 Pass
Residual Indentation ASTM 1914 0.068
ISO 24343 0.09mm
Castor Chair Resistance ISO 4918 25000 cycles pass
Colour Fastness to light ISO 105 B02 >6
Peel Resistance EN431 75N/50mm
Expansion/Shrinkage between 23°C and 80°C EN434 0.08%
Curling after 6 hours at 80°C EN434 0.61mm
Click Tension Internal 300N/50mm
Sound Reduction ISO 140-8/ISO717-2 19dB
Underfloor Heating Suitable, max 45°C